Crabzilla or Hoax?

Is this a freakishly huge crab or just someone bored playing with photoshop? You might have seen this image within the last few days. The above photographs of Whistable harbour led people to believe that a monster-size crab (nick-named “crabzilla”) is living off the Kent coast in the United Kingdom.

Residents of Whitstable were stunned when the picture appeared to show a huge crab at the base of the coastal town’s harbour.

However a marine biologist, Dr. Verity Nye, who is an ocean and earth science researcher at the University of Southampton states: “The idea of a giant “crabzilla” would very exciting. Unfortunately, I think this is a hoax.”

She further stated that the United Kingdom does have large crabs but not anywhere near this size. The largest crabs tend to stay in deeper water and that this particular image is a different shape than previously identified huge crustaceans.

But this is just one scientist’s opinion…anything is in the realm of possibility when it comes to ocean life. Hundreds, if not thousands, of new species of marine life are discovered every year. Perhaps he’ll make another appearance…